The Goal is Building Better 3D Digital Art Experiences.


Our Services

Highpoly Models

We specialize in producing high-end 3D models of characters and props in all genres. Organic, clothing
or hard-surface, we do them all.

In-Game Lowpoly Models

We create models with optimized geometry that are
animation friendly and can be loaded in
any game engine easily.

Realistic and Stylized Textures

We are able to produce high quality textures for realistic as well as stylized models. Along with PBR, we also use traditional way of texturing effortlessly as our pipeline is well set for both ways of doing textures.

Realtime Hair

In-game hair cards with transparency map that
blends with the model seamlessly. Able to produce
complex hair styles with natural feel.

Detailed Characters
with Dynamic Poses for
3D Printed Collectibles

Along with creating highly detailed
characters, we also do their poses to give them a
personality and mood.

Miniature Sculpts

We do not just create models for large scale collectibles, but we specialize in creating miniature models as well. We are aware of all technical aspects to look after while creating miniatures.

Product Visualization

To make your product look
more appealing and attractive, creating images of them
in CG is the best way. We do that as well.

Architectural Designs

Interiors and Exteriors.

Create them in CG to

pre-visualize your dream home.

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